Barista order form template

Offer 24/7 quotes by adding a barista order form to your website. Customize it to your brand with a few clicks. Create an automated booking process that saves you time and delights your fans.

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Barista order form template

A barista order form template is used by coffee catering companies, or Barista catering businesses, to book events where they will serve coffee for an allotted timeframe and number of people.

It allows your customers to go to your website and get instant quotes for your services.

To use this template, click here to sign up for your free account. Then customize the template to your needs. Using the drag-and-drop process is quick and easy. Create a professional order form and be up and running today.

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If you're a coffee catering company ready to do more business, read on to discover how spending an hour or two setting up your online order form can benefit you.

The benefits of a Barista order form template.

Coffee addicts can be very loyal to their dealer... let's face it. Once they've had an awesome experience, they're yours forever.

Shine right from the start with a professional online order form that saves them time and gives them a warm fuzzy feeling they will want again and again.

Here are the best reasons to set up your online order form today:

Ready to GO:

The order form is ready to go. All you need to do is customize it to suit your business and branding and embed it on your website in a few quick steps.

Efficiency and Organization

Online quote and booking forms give you streamlined, organized management of bookings. They eliminate manual processes, reduce errors, and save everyone time.

24/7 Accessibility

Allow your customers to get a price quote and make bookings anytime, not just during business hours. This means more leads and orders for you.

Saves You Time

It won't be you fielding all those calls and doing up manual quotes while on the go. Let your website do all the hard work while you get down to business.

Data Collection

Gather valuable data about your customer's preferences and habits. Then use it to improve your services and enhance your marketing strategies.


Present a professional image, showcase what you offer, and efficiently serve your customers.

Improve Customer Experience

Simplify your customers' quoting and booking process, supply professional quoting and payment systems, and improve customer satisfaction.

What to include on your website landing page

You have one page and 8 seconds to make a big impression and give your customers what they want. To achieve this, make sure to:

  • Include your address and service area at the top of the page. It must be above the fold. It is crucial to let people know if you service their area in the first few seconds of them landing on your page. Most people won't take the time to go hunting around your site for the information.

  • Include your contact information at the top of the page also. It improves trust and, again, stops people from having to search for it.

  • Explain what you do and who you serve simply and succinctly. This lets people know they are in the right place and promotes a welcoming vibe.

  • Have gorgeous photos of your setup at various events so they know how professional you are and can imagine having you at their event.

  • A Places field can be used to delimit your service area so people can check if you serve their area without having to contact you.

  • Testimonials from happy customers make a big difference to people visiting your site and deciding whether to choose your services.

  • A price quote form where customers can determine your exact price for the service they're after.

  • A booking form so they can book then and there, not leave your site and forget you exist!

How to customize your template

The template has all the primary fields you need to get going. However, you can jazz it up and adapt it to your business by adding the following:

  • A Places field to make it easy for people to pop in their address accurately. A places field autocompletes the address, which eliminates typos that could leave you turning up at the wrong place. Eek.

  • A Date and Time element if you would like to take instant bookings.

  • A Payment field to accept deposits, booking fees, or full payment.

  • Your branding. You can also adapt the colors to suit your website - beautiful.

Streamlining Business Operations with ConvertCalculator

With ConvertCalculator, you have the power to streamline all your business operations. From nurturing leads to generating quotes, managing bookings, conducting analysis, overseeing inventory, staffing, and calculating ROI.

If you have started with a quote form, you can automate more of your business procedures over time. Progressively integrate and automate your most time-consuming activities. Automation reduces stress, saves time, and builds confidence.

The beauty of ConvertCalculator lies in its blend of power and simplicity. No matter how your future needs evolve, you won't find yourself up against a wall regarding functionality. ConvertCalculator is designed to scale with you.

ConvertCalculator offers a Concierge Service that will create your forms and calculators for you if you don't have the time. Check it out here.

Barista order form template: FAQ

What is a barista order form template?

A Barista Order Form template is a customizable online form designed specifically for coffee businesses. It allows you to create a seamless customer ordering process by configuring service options like service type, time period, and the number of guests.

This form instantly generates accurate price quotes and enhances your business's efficiency and organization.

How do I use the barista order form template?

To use the Barista Order Form template, sign up for a free ConvertCalculator account and customize the template to suit your business needs. Add your branding and business colors and any extra fields you need.

You can then embed your finished product on your website and go live.

What are the benefits of using the barista order form template?

The Barista Order Form template provides numerous benefits, including efficiency, organization, round the clock accessibility, time-saving, data collection, and professionalism.

It allows you to manage bookings, reduce errors, gather customer data, present a professional image, and improve the customer experience.

An online quoting service operates round the clock, taking the pressure off you while increasing leads and orders at the same time.

What should I include on my quoting and booking landing page?

Your landing page should include your address and service area, contact information, a clear explanation of your services, and high-quality images of your fantastic setup at various events.

Use a Places field to delimit the locations you serve, allowing customers to check if they are in your service area.

How does the barista order form template improve customer experience?

Barista order forms give your customers access to quotes when they want them. No phone calls or emails, no waiting. Visitors can quickly see what you offer, how much it will cost them, and if you service their area.

You can include booking, payment, and feedback features on your website to streamline the experience and create loyal customers who love your services and come back again and again.

You will wonder how you survived without one

Make things easy for you and your customers by offering 24/7 online quotes.

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