Screen Printing Price Lookup template

Demonstration of how to look up a value in a pricing table. Use this template when you use a price table to determine your costs per color based on the quantity.

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The function we use to find the correct value based on quantity and the number of screens is the VLOOKUP-function:
  • QTY is the reference for the question (slider) where you set the quantity.
  • DA is the reference for the cleaned pricing table.
  • SCREENS_1 is the reference for the question (slider) where you set the number of colors in your design.
  • with the 1, 1 you determine whether you need an exact match and whether you want to look for the higher or lower bound. This is important because the pricing table provides prices for Quantity ranges (until 24, 48, and 72 instead of defining each quantity explicitly).

Note 1: When the number of screens is set to 2 (SCREENS_1), the function will fetch the value from the third column (which is the correct column) of the table, since the table column count starts at 0. Note 2: you need to clean up your data for the VLOOKUP to work correctly. In this case, you will need to omit the Header from the table.


An important question to ask is "Where can I put my pricing table?". For this you have several options:

  1. Datasheet: an internal datasheet that is only available in the calculator.
  2. ConvertCalculator Table: a table is available over calculators. You can create and edit your table from your main dashboard.
  3. GoogleSheet: you can also use a GoogleSheet as your data source. To use a GoogleSheet, you can either load it directly into your calculator with the GOOGLESHEET function, or you can set the ConvertCalculator table source to a GoogleSheet.
  4. Airtable: You can also set the ConvertCalculator table source to Airtable, allowing you to use your Aitable base, including images, as a data source.

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