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Sustainability Startups: Boost Leads and Conversions

Was there ever a business that didn’t want to boost leads and increase conversions? Our software helps sustainability startups get extra leads and close more deals. Why not try it?

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"Any website needs a calculator!"


Generate 4x more leads. Create an interactive and educational renewable energy sales funnel. Increase lead quality and secure more conversions.



Enhance transparency. Build trust. Generate an interactive calculator that offers tailored insights. Show customers how sustainability can save them money.


Reduce the time from website visitors to leads to paying customers. Create an interactive customer experience directly on your website.

Want to engage your audience in a way that educates them and leaves a lasting impression? Our software offers interactive calculators that enable your customers to engage with your business and make informed decisions. With our customizable question types, you can pinpoint your customer's specific needs and provide a personalized, streamlined customer journey that will lead to more conversions for your business.

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Learn how businesses use ConvertCalculator to build stronger systems, automate their leads and conversions, and change the way they do business.

"The software is easy to use, has great functionality and is easy to customize into any website look and feel. The customer service is super efficient, friendly and helpful. I researched a number of competitors before choosing this one and none of them measured up in terms of all the development functionality features I needed and that this platform offers."
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Engage Your Audience - Increase CRO

Engaging customers with your business makes them easier to convert. With our software, your customers can interact with your business. You can capture their attention, educate them, and improve your conversion rate optimization. That’s more customers for your business.

Calculators Can Capture More Leads

Interactive calculators allow people to engage with your company. Solar businesses can use calculators to show money savings with renewable energy. You capture more leads when potential customers interact with our software. Integrate it with your website - capture quality leads.

Educate Your Audience with Powerful Calculations

With our software, you can educate your customers. Our multitude of question types pinpoints customer needs and calculates the best action. For solar customers, that might be the size of the system they need, the cost, and the overall benefits.

A Calculator to Automate the Customer Journey

Our calculators automate the process and streamline the customer journey. Engage customers with a personalized experience, educate them on what they need, and help them make a decision with a quote. A smooth customer journey boosts conversions.


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Ready to generate more leads and increase conversions?

We can help you create lead-generation funnels that convert. Maximize profits today!

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Features of our Calculators

Get started in minutes to create calculators for your website. You can capture more leads and boost conversions in no time.

Feature-Packed Calculator Builder

Create any kind of calculator your want with extensive question types.


Powerful Conditional Logic

You can set up powerful form branching with conditional logic. No matter the complexity of your calculation, our forms simplify it for customers.

No Coding Skills Required

You don’t need coding skills to create a calculator. Ours are easy to build for average users - a library of premium calculator templates makes it even easier.

Collect Payments

You can accept payments directly from an online calculator. This feature is excellent for converting customers and maximizing profits.

Powerful Integrations

Integrate with your favorite CRM or marketing tool through Zapier. We integrate with 1000+ apps.

Any Platform, Anywhere

Set up a calculator on any platform or CMS in minutes. And our software is 100% supported on mobile.

Sustainability: From Niche to Necessity

Imagine this: Sustainability was a niche issue for many organizations until just over a decade ago. We know. It’s hard to believe. Until then, climate change had been a public issue for decades. But in 2011, only 20 percent of companies in the S&P 500 published sustainability or corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports.

Times have changed - thank goodness. Sustainability has now become a necessity for many businesses. And it has become an opportunity for others. Today, the price of carbon is rising while the cost of renewable energy is falling. That has led to a rise in sustainability startups.

Many climate change startups are agile in the market. They’re always looking for better ways to capture leads, increase conversions, and find more efficient ways to automate processes.

Software for Environmental Startups

That’s where ConvertCalculator comes in. With our software, an environmental startup can create calculators proven to boost leads, increase conversions, and automate processes. Demand for renewable energy is growing. And we can help you better interact with potential customers who want to reduce their environmental impact.

Making money while saving the planet sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Count us in!

Why Renewable Energy Startups Choose ConvertCalculator

We wish renewable energy startups choose us because we’re nice people - we are, by the way. But we need to offer more value than that. And we do.

With our software, you can build interactive calculators that perform complex computations. It includes the following:

  • Question types
    it has all the necessary ones to build lead-generation funnels.
  • Calculation and logic interface
    this is powerful and easy to use. You won’t find this on alternatives like Typeform.
  • Integrations
    it merges seamlessly with your favorite CRM and over 1000 apps.
  • Payments
    collect payments directly.

Our calculators are easy to set up and use. Renewable energy startups can build one without any coding knowledge. Yes, you read that right. It’s a game-changer.

What you get are interactive calculators that easily incorporate formulas and equations. Make complex calculations like solar system size, return on investment, and renewable energy savings. Potential customers can interact with a renewable energy startup on its website and get answers to their questions.

Why not create lead-generation funnels that offer your leads tangible results and valuable information? It fosters a connection and builds trust. And you get their contact information in return. All-around wins!

Climate Change Startups: Results with ConvertCalculator

Climate change startups have seen excellent results with our calculators and lead-generation forms. Here are some outcomes:

  • Around 30 extra leads per day on average
  • Approximately 2,000 to 5,000 website visitors interact with the lead-generation forms per month
  • More interaction data businesses can see what customers want and personalize offers.

These outcomes ultimately lead to higher conversion rates for climate change startups.

Who doesn’t want to get more high-quality leads?

Our calculators can help sustainability startups increase conversions. Maximize profits today!

Sustainability Startups: Frequently Asked Questions

How do sustainability startups use ConvertCalculator?

Sustainability startups use ConvertCalculator to tell their customers exactly what they need. Take a solar company as an example. Potential customers generally want to know three things:

  • The type of solar system they need.
  • The cost.
  • The benefits.

A sustainability startup can create an interactive form for its website with our software. It prompts potential customers to answer basic questions.

  • Roof type
  • Roof orientation
  • Shade level
  • Monthly electricity costs
  • Average monthly energy usage

Our form then prompts the customer to enter their personal info and email address. They get the information they want that answers their questions. And the sustainability startup gets their details.

Prompting users to enter their email addresses ensures your business gets high-quality leads. These customers are already interested and are easier to convert. Using ConvertCalculator not only increases leads but also boosts conversions.

How can sustainability startups create a calculator?

Sustainability startups can choose a calculator or lead-generation form from one of our free premium templates. You can customize these templates to meet the style of your website and your business needs.

You only need to sign up for a free trial account to start creating.

You can also build calculators and lead-generation forms from scratch. Users don’t need to have coding knowledge to start. But it helps if you’re handy with Excel.

You can input your datasets to meet your business needs. Our powerful software allows you to create complex calculators and forms to answer countless questions.

Our Concierge Service is another option for sustainability startups that want to create a calculator or form. With this service, you give us your dataset, and we build the calculator.

Sit back and have a stunning form or calculator in 3-5 business days.