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Framer makes it easy to create websites. It uses AI to make the process super fast, and users don’t need coding skills to build a site. The drag-and-drop interface lets users customize their site easily. Or they can just hit publish if they’re happy with the AI design. Framer also simplifies the SEO process for new websites. Users can track results with built-in analytics or integrate third-party tools to track performance.

What is Framer?

Framer is a web design platform that helps people design and build websites. Its goal is to allow users to create beautiful websites super fast.

It takes advantage of the power of AI to deliver that goal. And a simple drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for anyone to build a website without coding knowledge.

In 2015, Framer started as a simple JavaScript library called Framer Studio. The company developed over the past 8 years, now classing itself as a “full-blown web design platform.”

It focuses on helping users create a website every step of the way. And Framer tries to make the process as easy as possible.

The company has solutions for various users. It lets them build sites of any size and for different uses, including the following:

  • Personal
  • Freelancers
  • Agencies
  • Marketing
  • Startups
  • Scaleups

Framer has four pricing plans, ranging from free to pro. Users can start building for free before upgrading to unlock more features.

Here are the pricing plans:

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Pros and Cons of using Framer for your website

Pros of using Framer

Easy to Use: Framer makes designing and shipping a website super easy. Users don’t need coding skills to build their website and publish it. They can go from ideation to creation in a few hours.
Advanced Customization: Users can customize every aspect of their design with Framer. It provides plenty of customization options to suit a user’s needs.
Component Store: Users can find ready-made components in the Framer Component Store. It helps to speed up the design process even more.
Integrations: Framers integrates with popular design tools such as Sketch and Figma. That increases its usability and flexibility when designing a website.

Cons of using Framer

No Interactive Content: With Framer, users can’t create interactive content like quizzes and calculators for their websites. It doesn’t have the function to build this content from its interface.
Basic Forms: Users can only create basic forms within Framer using built-in plugins. These are elementary ones, like subscribing to a newsletter. It lacks quality forms for generating high-quality leads.
Can be Slow: Framer can be slow when designing a website. It happens more when users are working on large projects.
Limited CMS Support: Although Framer has CMS support, it’s limited compared to other solutions like Webflow and Bubble.

Why Use ConvertCalculator with Framer?

You can use ConvertCalculator to integrate interactive content and quality forms with your Framer website. So you can bypass the lack of these functions in the Framer interface.

Interactive Content

Interactive content enhances the user experience on your website. For instance, visitors could use a financial calculator to perform calculations directly on your site.

Your visitors won’t need to find external sources to calculate their finances. The convenience of having an industry-specific tool like this on your site increases user engagement and satisfaction.

That leads to more high-quality leads and boosts conversions. Also, interactive content keeps visitors on your website longer, helping your SEO efforts.

And interactive content isn’t limited to calculators. You can also embed quizzes on your Framer website with ConvertCalculator.

Not only is that entertaining for visitors, but it helps them to solve problems. You can delve into their pain points and give them solutions.

So interactive content builds a stronger bond between website visitors and your business.

Quality Forms

With ConvertCalcualtor, you can also integrate quality forms with your Framer website. You might want to capture more high-quality leads with a custom lead-generation form. Or maybe you want visitors to book your services on your website with a booking form.

Whatever the reason, you can do it with ConvertCalculator. A basic form might be fine if you want someone to subscribe to a newsletter. You can simply get their name and email address.

Framer doesn’t support anything more complex, though. That’s where ConvertCalcualtor comes in.

You can create any type of form you can think of and embed it into your Framer website. Our drag-and-drop interface makes it simple - no coding needed. And there is a library of premium templates to choose from for free.

Don’t limit your business. Merge ConvertCalculator with your Framer website.

Think it. Build it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I build web apps with Framer?

You can create web app mockups with Framer. It allows you to design your visual concepts which can help you user test them on an audience.

Some mockup features include animations and transitions with Magic Motion. You can create a mockup with these and preview how the movements look.

Framer allows you to design app mockups for IOS and Android devices.

What is Framer good for?

Framer is good for designing and shipping professional-looking websites quickly. It’s easy to use because you don’t need any coding skills.

So designers with limited coding knowledge can create beautiful websites with Framer. But you don’t need to be a designer to use it.

Framer has templates for you to choose from. You can start with one and customize it to meet your needs.

Can I add code to Framer?

You can add custom page code to Framer for the start or end of the <head> and <body> tag of your website. Framer will add the code to every page across the published site.

You won’t be able to view any changes in the site preview. They’re only viewable on the published site.

Framer supports HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It allows the following tags: <link>, <script>, <meta>, and <style>. But you can’t integrate any server-side languages, such as Perl, PHP, Python, or Ruby.

What types of interactive components can I create with Framer?

You can create many interactive components with Framer. Here are 5 popular ones.

  1. Buttons - create buttons for calls to action.
  2. Tabs - users can switch between different views with tabs.
  3. Sliders - these can represent a value which you can slide to change.
  4. Dropdowns - open and close dropdowns when required.
  5. Accordians - create these to expand and reveal different content or collapse to hide it again.

Is Framer good for SEO?

Framer simplifies SEO for users. It’s easy for you to add meta descriptions and customize URLs in the interface.

The indexing and sitemap settings are also easy to navigate. You can generate new sitemaps with updated URLs and titles with a single click.

Framer also makes tracking SEO progress simple. You can use the built-in analytics tool or integrate third-party ones to SEO track performance.

Boosting user engagement and customer satisfaction on your Framer website just got easier.

Why miss out on high-quality leads and more conversions? Start creating interactive content and quality forms for free.