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Ignite Your Solar Business with Quality Leads

Use this template to create your own high-performing funnel. Use it stand-alone or on your website.

Setup the funnel once, then watch qualified leads roll in day after day.

Read about how Stefan from JSJ Electrics increased his leads and slashed his costs here.

Load your lead generation funnel on any platform

Loading your lead generation funnel on your website platform is easy. You can either embed or integrate it.

Whether you embed or integrate depends on your needs.

Embedding refers to placing one item (your funnel form) within another(your website). Do this if you don't need to integrate with external data.

If you need to synchronize data---for example, to make solar calculations---you will need to integrate your forms to allow for the exchange of data.

Both methods are simple and quick.

Setup your lead generation funnel as a stand-alone form

If you don't have a website - or prefer to run the form separate from your website - you can use our stand-alone landing page.

Tailor the funnel to your business by:

  • Adding your branding

  • Changing colors to suit

  • Structuring the questions around your services

  • Targeting your specific customers

This fully customizable template comes with 6 pages

  • Type of house

  • Number of people residing

  • Do they own or rent the property

  • Address of the property

  • Choice of payment terms

  • Contact details

Within this multi-step form, you can easily add or remove pages depending on which information you need from your prospects---or information you want to give your prospects.

You can also change the fields and change the values of each field. Add calculation fields and more.

Qualifying your leads

To ensure the highest quality leads, ask qualifying questions and provide potential clients with relevant details and benefits of your solar business that will entice them to take the next steps.

Personalize your customer's journey

Maximize lead generation by asking the right questions at the right time. With our powerful conditional logic, show or hide fields based on your visitors' previous answers - ensuring a tailored and engaging user experience that drives higher conversion rates.

Ask the right questions, showcase the benefits, and turn your prospects into high-quality solar leads.

Ready to start getting more qualified leads today?

Quick and easy to set up - don't miss out on any more leads.


What is a Solar Lead Generation Funnel Template?

A Solar Lead Generation Funnel Template is a customizable web-based form that solar energy companies can use to gather information and capture leads from potential customers interested in their services. This template allows businesses to tailor their data collection process in a way that best suits their needs.

How can this template help in growing my solar business?

This template helps you generate more leads, which is the first step towards growing your solar business. It also helps you by qualifying leads, which will save you significant time and money.

It also helps with giving insights into your potential customers’ needs so you can tailor your marketing strategies accordingly.

How does the Lead Generation Funnel Template work with other integrations?

The template can be seamlessly integrated with various platforms such as Salesforce, Google Sheets, Zapier, Mail Chimp, and hundreds more. These integrations help with automating your marketing efforts and managing your leads more efficiently.

Is there any support available while using this Solar Lead Generation Funnel Template?

Yes, ConvertCalculator has excellent customer service feedback with thousands of happy clients. Just click on the question bubble on the bottom right of the form builder screen to ask any questions you may have.

Is this solar lead generation funnel template not what you are looking for?

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