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December 31, 2022
Updated: September 04, 2023

Solar Companies: Get more & better Solar Leads

Stop paying thousands of dollars for solar leads. Learn how you can take your solar company from 0 to 30 online leads per day in less than a month with ConvertCalculator.

Take Eltex, a European solar startup, as an example. They were getting 0 online leads and were fully dependent on a call center where they paid per lead. Not anymore though. Thanks to an interactive solar calculator, they could go from 0 to 30 leads a day!

The best thing? The calculator started generating leads in the first week. This early success led them to double down on marketing to drive more traffic to their lead calculator. With an average conversion of 30%, they generated a lot of leads to follow up.

So if you too have spent thousands of dollars on ads without returns or are generally trying to attract more online leads, then stick around.

We know that explaining the benefits of a solar system to consumers is notoriously difficult. The recommended system size, solar benefits, and system cost depend on multiple factors.

This complexity makes it difficult to educate and advise your audience in a scalable way. As a result, your prospects stop engaging and drop off before they’ve entered your lead funnel.

But here is the truth: you can create a high-converting lead funnel yourself. Even if you are not a developer or even technical. We have taken the complexity out of the process so you don't have to worry about the technical details.

We started our journey as developers helping SMBs with custom software. The software was often created to generate more leads online with custom quote calculators and lead generation forms. After a while, we decided to stop building custom software and create a Do-It-Yourself software builder instead. And since our launch in 2018, thousands of businesses just like yours have created high-converting lead funnels that generate a crazy amount of leads (in the hundreds of thousands).

The current alternatives to generate leads just don’t cut it…

  • buying leads seems easy, but the whole process is outdated and expensive
  • simple lead forms lack the interaction and transparency that generates the high conversions
  • the third alternative, developing custom software is expensive, time-consuming, and generally feels too much.

Compare the current alternatives to ConvertCalculator: a drag, drop, point, click web application that enables you to start converting prospects into leads within a day.

Again, this is for solar entrepreneurs and marketers who want to generate dozens of leads a day but lack the proper tools or currently have no idea or strategy on how to accomplish this.

So join hundreds of solar companies who are already reaping the benefits of an online lead generation calculator. Learn more about how Eltex has made an online calculator into the #1 lead generation channel in their customer use case.

What happens when you use a lead generator calculator for your business

  • you will get a self-service marketing tool that automates your business.
  • the most common questions in your inbox will be answered by the calculator.
  • you will not only be able to generate leads at a rate that you have never seen before, but you will simultaneously increase your lead quality and conversions! All of that fraction of the cost you pay for leads now!
  • you will personalize the shopping experience for your visitors while building trust and transparency.
  • you will reduce your sales cycle & increase your sales velocity by reducing the time from lead to closed deal by enabling a self-service customer experience.

All of this will help you grow your business without breaking the bank on customer acquisition.

So start worrying about how you will handle all the extra sales!

What is a solar calculator?

Okay, you have been hearing me talk about an interactive solar lead generation calculator a lot. But what actually is a solar calculator, and how can you build one with ConvertCalculator?

  • In a solar calculator, you can include the relevant questions to calculate a result.
  • in this case, you want to know about current energy usage, the address, or house characteristics like azimuth angle and roof tilt
  • with this personal configuration, you can calculate the solar potential, system costs, or solar savings.
  • the questions can be presented in one go, or you can put them on separate pages.
  • by collecting contact data, you have created a lead-generation magnet.

ConvertCalculator offers you a no-code software builder where creating a calculator is as easy as dragging and dropping elements on your screen. Besides more than 30 input elements, we offer superior calculation & logic capabilities, and even options to interface with external data sources.

What this means for you is that you don’t have to make any compromise in your quest to build a high-converting lead generation calculator.

And when you need a kickstart, we offer dozens of relevant templates that show you what is possible and get you from start to finish in hours instead of days.

Slash your lead generation costs

In your current situation, you are probably paying between $10 - $300 for an opt-in solar lead. Off-course the exact price will depend on your geographic region, how much screening has been done, and how the lead was generated.

But what if we tell you that you can start generating hundreds of high-quality leads for as low as $40 per month?

This is an insane return on investment!

So stop throwing money out of the window, and start exporting what an interactive lead generation form can do for you.

So sign up for our one-month free trial, with no strings attached. Your free trial will automatically graduate into a FREE account. Only when your lead generation form starts getting serious traction - over 100 visits per month - you will be required to take one of our paid subscriptions.

Interactive lead generators are the future. If you don’t adopt this strategy, your competitors will. So avoid paying too much for your leads and get in the driver's seat yourself.

For more information contact us here!

So what are you waiting for? Start your no-risk free trial today!

Offer Summary

You will get:

  • 10x your leads
  • who are better qualified
  • for free basically
  • allowing you to sustainably grow your solar business
  • remember to claim your free consultation
  • and start your free trial today!

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