Solar Panels Price Calculator template

Your customers will have the possibility to find out their solar savings potential based on rooftop characteristics, electricity use, electricity rates and the number of panels needed. Use a simple savings calculator that helps them quickly and accurately estimate the number of panels or how much the return would be every month.

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Reduce calculations and customer inquiries

Save time answering customers’ inquiries asking for quoting and savings calculations by embedding this solar panel price calculator. Reduce your work and save time; time you can use for other tasks. By automating this sales process you can grow faster and differentiate yourself from your competition with this advanced service to your customers.

Capture more leads

This online solar power calculator allows you to capture more leads in a modern fashion way. This simple calculator will allow you to attract leads due to its dynamism, the easy loading of data and the call-to-action button. Using values from your future customers’ power bill to fine-tune their savings estimate and the recommended number of solar panels for their home.