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January 31, 2024
Updated: January 31, 2024

Motivate users with active language in form buttons

Use persuasive button text to transform user engagement on your site with these simple yet impactful tweaks.

Transform your form buttons with active, benefit-focused language. Replace passive phrases like "Submit" with dynamic ones like "Get My Plan" or "Join Now" to encourage user action and engagement.

How to do it:

  • Review all button texts on your forms and identify any that use passive or generic language.
  • Rework these buttons to use active verbs and phrases that highlight the benefit to the user.
  • Test different versions to see which phrases drive the most engagement and conversions.

8 Examples:

  1. Before: "Submit"

    • After: "Unlock Your Free Guide"
  2. Before: "Download"

    • After: "Get My eBook Instantly"
  3. Before: "Register"

    • After: "Join the Community Now"
  4. Before: "Send"

    • After: "Send My Message"
  5. Before: "Buy Now"

    • After: "Secure My Purchase"
  6. Before: "See More"

    • After: "Explore Our Collection"
  7. Before: "Apply"

    • After: "Start My Application"
  8. Before: "Continue"

    • After: "Proceed to Exciting Offers"

Why it works:

Active language in button texts creates a sense of immediacy and benefit, motivating users to take action. This approach clearly communicates what the user can expect upon clicking, leading to improved engagement and a smoother user experience.

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