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A mailto link generator is a tool that simplifies the process of creating clickable email links for your websites. Typically, the user must input their email address and subject line. The tool generates a link that, when opened in a browser, opens your email app and pre-fills the inputs.

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A mailto link generator is a tool that helps website owners create clickable email links that open an email client for sending messages. This is useful for businesses and individuals who want to make it easy for their website visitors to contact them.

The mailto link generator usually prompts the user for their email address, subject line, and optionally for the cc email, bcc email, and email body. The generator creates a hyperlink that allows users to send an email directly to a specific address from an HTML document, without having to copy and paste it into an email client like Gmail or Outlook. Using a mailto link generator can save time and ensure accuracy when creating email links for websites.

Let's examine how a mailto link is built up:

Every mailto link starts with:

Then comes the email address without any additional characters, just the email address as is.
In case you also have a cc and a bcc address, you can add those as well. Since these are additional arguments, you need to append the first new argument with an ? and all additional arguments with an & before each item:
The same process applies to your subject line and body text. Since both can include special characters, spaces, and line breaks, it's important to use URL encoding. You can easily do this in ConvertCalculator by using the URLENCODE() function.

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