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January 08, 2024
Updated: January 11, 2024

Your Best Free Quoting Software: 6 Top Picks for 2024

Choosing Made Easy: Use this guide to help you find the best free quoting software for your business's unique quoting needs.

Spending hours creating and sending quotes to potential clients is a time suck. Who wouldn’t want to streamline the process and save valuable time?

Well, read on to find out how! Because we'll look at the best free quoting software options for 2024. Leave clunky manual quoting in the past where it belongs. Generate professional quotes quickly and easily, and give yourself more time to focus on growing your business.

Let’s discover your best free quoting software for 2024.

  1. ConvertCalculator
  2. PandaDoc
  3. Qwilr
  4. Fergus
  5. Refrens
  6. QuoteCloud

1. ConvertCalculator


  • Most powerful calculations for quoting
  • Complex decision branching
  • Embed into any website
  • No coding skills needed
  • Seamless integration
  • High customization
  • Multi-functional tool
  • Unlimited users
  • Free plan


  • Higher learning curve for design customization

ConvertCalculator is a powerful quote builder software that offers a wide range of features. Create instant quotes that impress potential customers.

With ConvertCalculator, you get dynamic quote software for free. Build interactive calculators and quote forms your customers can use to get instant estimates. It can handle even the most complex pricing structures - no sweat.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to customize your quote forms to match your brand's aesthetic. You can choose from many pre-built templates or create your own from scratch.

Add your logo, choose your colors, and even include images to make your quotes visually appealing. Such design customization has a higher learning curve. But the stunning results are well worth the effort.

ConvertCalculator embeds into any website to provide a seamless user experience for your customers. The interactive calculators allow them to input their specific requirements for instant quotes. You can even embed a product configurator to quote highly customizable product offerings. Turn any quote into an aesthetically pleasing PDF quote for potential customers.

Easily view analytics on interactions with your quoting tool. And link it to popular analytics tools like Google Analytics to compile these interactions. This data can help you identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions to optimize your price quoting process.

This free quoting software seamlessly integrates with popular CRM and marketing automation tools. Easily sync your quote data with your customer database and automate follow-ups. This powerful, multi-functional software is more than a quoting tool, it helps you automate your sales and marketing efforts.

Get unlimited users at every price point - even the free forever plan. Your entire team can access all platinum features for free until your quote form reaches 100 monthly visits.

Save yourself time and make quotes convenient for customers with ConvertCalculator.

2. PandaDoc


  • Easy to use quoting software
  • Smart analytics and alerts
  • Document management
  • Excellent functionality
  • Multiple use cases


  • No access to core features with the free plan
  • Additional fees for some integrations

PandaDoc offers more than just basic quote creation. This all-in-one document automation tool not only allows you to create professional quotes but also has solid document management capabilities. You can manage contracts, quotes, proposals, and forms in one place.

This quote software is easy to use. You can create customized quoting templates with minimal effort. It can help your sales team send more quotes in less time.

With smart analytics and alerts, you can understand how users interact with documents. You can see if and when your client opens your quote, making it easier for you to follow up and close the deal. And you get automatically notified when a customer accepts a quote.

Another notable feature of PandaDoc is its integration capabilities. It integrates with popular CRM systems, such as Salesforce and HubSpot, enabling you to sync your quotes and customer data.

Unlike ConvertCalculator, which offers platinum features with the free plan, the PandaDoc free plan is limited. There’s no access to features like document analytics, custom branding, bulk send, and integrations. Even on the most expensive plan, additional fees apply if you wish to integrate the solution with Salesforce or create custom workflows through API.

3. Qwilr


  • Good integrations with Salesforce and HubSpot
  • Web page quotes are clear and beautiful
  • Easy to use with a simple interface
  • Decent template library


  • Paid versions are quite expensive
  • PDF print looks pretty bad
  • Not much customization

With Qwilr, you can create beautiful interactive quotes. Your quotes will convey the necessary information and showcase your brand's personality and style.

Qwilr has a template library for sales, business, and product proposals. You can embed content like surveys, spreadsheets, and videos into your proposals.

When you send a quote, potential customers get an interactive, mobile-responsive web page. Some prospects prefer this instead of a static PDF or Word document. Those who prefer PDF documents can download and print a PDF version of the quote - although these look pretty bad when printed.

On the interactive web page, you can embed content like Google Maps, images, videos, and calendars. This makes your quotes more pleasing to potential customers. They can also choose from options within the quote, accept options, and e-sign the quote if they want to use your services.

Qwilr has a simple interface and is easy to use. It integrates well with software like Salesforce and HubSpot. But the paid versions are quite expensive, and customization is limited.

4. Fergus


  • Streamlines the quoting process
  • Easy to upload price books
  • Build quote templates
  • Free training


  • Essentials plan lacks features like reporting
  • Lacks built-in marketing integrations
  • Free trial only 14 days

Fergus helps your sales team make and track quotes, invoices, proposals, and estimates. It’s a cloud-based solution for trade businesses, helping streamline the quoting process.

The company offers users a 14-day free trial on the Essentials Plan. Unfortunately, some main features, like reporting, are missing from this plan. So, you won’t get an overall feel for what the software can do with the free trial.

Fergus can save you time on jobs you do often. You can build templates for those jobs and quote customers in minutes.

It’s easy to upload your price books with this free quoting software. Also, you can change pricing on the go if you need to.

This software integrates with popular accounting platforms like Xero and MYOB. So you can quote jobs and reconcile invoices quickly. But it lacks marketing integrations.

5. Refrens


  • Pleasing and user-friendly interface
  • Easy to quote and invoice
  • Decent reporting feature
  • Supportive helpdesk


  • Can struggle with complex calculations
  • Limited templates to choose from

Refrens is a free quoting software that makes creating quotes simple. With Refrens, you can create professional-looking quotes in minutes and easily share them with your clients. The platform also allows you to track the status of your quotes, making it easier for you to follow up and close deals.

With one click, you can convert quotes to invoices. These can be simple invoices or proforma ones.

The Refrens interface is user-friendly. It’s easy to create quotes with this free quote software. You can hit the ground running and start quoting in no time.

You can also choose from templates with this free quoting software. These are easily customizable, letting you add your logo and change fields if needed. But more template choices would be better.

With the Refrens quotation maker, you can use the bulk client upload feature. This lets you store and manage your client information in one place.

6. QuoteCloud


  • Easy to create and send quotes
  • Alert when quotes get opened
  • Wide range of templates
  • Accept payments


  • Lacks integrations on Free and Essentials Plans

QuoteCloud is free quote software for businesses of all sizes. With QuoteCloud, you can create professional quotes that are fully branded with your company's logo and colors.

The platform also offers decent customization options. So, you can design and tailor your quotes to suit your client’s needs.

It also has a wide range of templates for you to choose from. They’re industry-specific, like real estate or trade services, so you can find what you need quickly.

QuoteCloud has an e-Signature feature, making it easy for customers to proceed with quotes. And they can make down payments or pay in full with this free quoting software.

You can create a centralized text, video, spreadsheet, image, and PDF content library with QuoteCloud. This makes it easy for you to drag and drop content into your quotes.

This free quoting software lacks integrations, though. On the Free Plan, you don’t get any integration capabilities. It integrates with Zapier and has API with the Essential Plan, while the Business Plan lets you integrate with CRM and accounting software.

What to look for in the best quote software for free

  1. Ease of use
  2. Customization
  3. Automation features
  4. Reporting and analytics
  5. Collaboration options
  6. Easy integration
  7. Scalability

1. Ease of use

Choose software with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The easier free quote software is to use, the more likely your team will adopt it and get the best from it.

2. Customization

Look for free quoting software that allows you to customize quotes to match your brand and specific customer needs. The ability to create professional and tailored quotes is crucial.

3. Automation features

Consider the automation capabilities of the software. Automation streamlines the quoting process, reduces errors, and improves efficiency. Look for features like automatic calculations, template creation, and workflow automation.

4. Reporting and analytics

Look for free quote software that provides robust reporting and analytics features. This allows you to track key metrics, analyze sales performance, and gain insights into your quoting process.

5. Collaboration options

If your quoting process involves collaboration between team members or departments, choose software that facilitates communication and collaboration. Look for features like comments, notifications, and real-time editing.

6. Easy integration

Ensure the free quoting software integrates seamlessly with other tools your business uses - such as CRM, ERP, or accounting software. Integration enhances data consistency and workflow efficiency.

7. Scalability

Consider your growth plans. Choose quoting software that can scale to accommodate an increasing volume of quotes and adapt to the evolving needs of your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is quotation software?

Quotation software (quoting software) helps businesses create and manage quotes for products and services. It automates the quoting process, making it faster and more efficient. Instead of manually creating quotes from scratch, quotation software allows you to input your products or services, pricing details, and any other relevant information, to generate professional quotes instantly.

You can embed a quoting tool into your website with platforms like ConvertCalculator. That allows customers to get quotes 24/7. Instant access to quotes and prices is super convenient for potential customers. And getting a price in real-time gives them the transparency they need to buy.

How much does CPQ software cost?

CPQ software - Configure, Price, Quote software - can vary in cost depending on the provider and the features included. Some CPQ software solutions offer free versions with limited functionalities, while others require a monthly or annual subscription fee. Additionally, the cost of CPQ software may depend on the size of your business and the number of users you have. It's best to research different CPQ software providers and compare their pricing plans to find the one that fits your budget and needs.

ConvertCalculator’s free forever plan includes all of the platinum features. Create the quote you need, customize it, or choose any premium template. The free plan doesn’t limit the number of users that can create quotes. The only limitation is the number of visitors to your quoting calculator per month, which is 100.

How do you give a price quote to a client?

Giving a price quote to a client is a simple process when using free quoting software.

  • Input the client's information: Enter the client's name, email, and other pertinent details into the software.
  • Select the products/services: Choose the products or services the client is interested in from your pre-set options or customizable list.
  • Customize the quote: Depending on the software, you may have the option to customize the quote further by adding additional details, such as discounts, terms and conditions, or optional add-ons.
  • Generate the quote: Click the "generate" or "create quote" button to generate the quote. The software will automatically calculate the total price based on your selection.
  • Review and send: Take a moment to review the quote for accuracy and ensure it meets your client's requirements. Once satisfied, simply click the "send" button to email the quote directly to your client.

And that's it! With quoting software, giving a price quote to a client has never been easier.


There you have it - the best free quoting software options for 2024. Whether you're a small business owner, a freelancer, or a tradesperson, these tools will help you streamline your quoting process and save you time.

Say goodbye to manual calculations and confusing spreadsheets. With free quoting software, generating professional quotes has never been easier. Choose the software that best fits your needs and take your quoting process to the next level.

ConvertCalculator is hands down the most powerful software on this list. You need it in your life if you have a complex pricing structure. It’ll streamline your quoting process and reduce the stress of giving estimates.

You don’t need any coding skills to use this free quoting software. Simply customize the quoting tool for your needs, embed it onto your website, and allow customers to get quotes 24/7.

Build your dynamic price quote calculators today with ConvertCalculator.

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