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September 10, 2023
Updated: September 10, 2023

How JSJ Smart Homes Automated Quoting, Saving Time & Slashing Costs by 97%

Looking to streamline operations? Find out how automating the quoting process has set JSJ for unlimited scale— all while saving time and money.

In 2018, Stefan Knight was crazy busy. He was manually pricing and quoting all the project leads for JSJ Smart Homes Ltd, a company he founded in 2011.—. “Each quote cost us around £3,000. And I was the only one who could do it,” he says.

JSJ Smart Homes Ltd. sells, installs, and maintains smart home technology. It provides automation solutions such as lighting, heating, security and access control, blinds and shutters, and systems to protect against fire and burglar, multimedia, and energy management systems for residential and commercial spaces. This is a broad offering in a constantly advancing field.

“To make things harder, leads were coming in unqualified, which was wasting a lot of time and money,” Stefan says. “In short, trying to capture clients' needs was difficult because, one, we did something that wasn't normal. So clients didn't know what they wanted or what was possible. Two, the pricing is quite complex. We could spend 3-7 days to price a project.”

“Customers came into the JSJ Funnel uneducated and with a lot of questions. They may not even have had an idea of how much a solution would cost them.”

Finding a way to educate prospective buyers, qualify leads, and automate the quoting process was vital to JSJ’s success and their ability to scale.

Not to mention, to save Stefan from a surefire burnout!

Automating their complex price quoting was key

At the end of 2018, Stefan found and started using ConvertCalculator for his forms and calculators but left to go with Webflow because he didn’t feel they could achieve the design aesthetic they were looking for with ConvertCalculator. However, they came up against limitations in the Webflow software, realizing they needed to become javascript experts to create the quoting and automation processes they needed to run their business. It was just too limiting.

In 2020, Stefan decided to return to ConvertCalculator because he knew it had the power and functionality he needed to support their complex quoting structure without the need to code. “We basically just picked up where we left off,” Stefan says, “which was really quick and easy. Everything that was really hard before with Webflow became really, really easy.”

“The fact that ConvertCalculator has the power of Excel with their already-powerful user interface and conditional logic was just an absolute game-changer for us because it means that we can now convey a very complex message in a very, very simple way.”

Using ConvertCalculator, JSJ set up a sales funnel that included their quoting calculator and user-friendly forms without the need to code. They discovered the design functionality had been there all along. They just hadn’t realized it. Their forms are now aesthetically and functionally exactly what they need.

JSJ have combined their business processes into Zoho One suite of applications for most of their business needs. Except for the forms and calculators…

"The forms and calculators, I keep with ConvertCalculator because nothing comes close,” Stefan says. “Wow. And that's why I say it's a really, really powerful tool.”

JSJ Smart Homes automated sales funnel

Leads come in off an ad straight into a form. As visitors go through the form, the questions they are asked change according to their previous answers. This is possible thanks to ConvertCalculators conditional logic.

“This is a much more streamlined interface than we had originally, where customers were just asked the same list of questions on a 5-page Google form, and a lot would drop off as it wasn’t relevant.”

“On the landing page, visitors get filtered because we show them case studies, typical costs, and all the concerns people have on privacy and security. We answer all the questions, everything, which filters probably 60 or 70 percent of the clients. So I can confidently say if they go to our landing page, fill out that form, and get their pricing quote, then they’re ready to speak to us as a qualified lead. That's a solid lead. It's ours to lose.” Stefan says.

JSJ like to keep it human by speaking to their customers. They like to build strong rapport and maintain ongoing relationships. “People enjoy speaking with us to discuss the price, find out what it actually means, how the smart home app looks, and what the end result will be. By qualifying leads before we speak to them, we save a lot of time and money.”

Increased conversion rates and time savings

The results of these changes have been exceptional.

Lead quality has increased 100% —now, leads that get to the end of the funnel are Red Hot with an average value of £160 per month. The sales team is no longer wasting time on unqualified leads.

“Our conversions are 3 times the average, according to our marketing guys.” says Stefan.

Stefan saves at least 30 hours per week. With automated quoting in place, Stefan has regained his time and can focus on other aspects of the business.

JSJ Smart Homes have cut quoting costs by 97%. All quoting is now automated and has gone from costing around £3,000 per quote to a £50 monthly ConvertCalculator fee plus around £450 per month on a single ad. This means they now spend a total of around £455 per month on quoting.

They are now able to scale their business. Removing the one person manual quoting bottleneck in their processes has given JSJ the ability to scale.

Using metadata taken from the forms Stefan has also been able to:

  • Calculate ad revenue. "We sync form data with Google so we can actually see this ad produced £160k  amount of hot deals in a month. The calculator is a pivotal part of that process."

  • Improve form completion rates. Using ConvertCalculator has enabled them to track elements such as where the user drops off in the form, allowing them to improve their systems and form completion rates.

What’s next for JSJ and ConvertCalculator?

The next step for JSJ is to create multiple versions of their existing calculators. At present, they primarily use three calculators. Moving forward, they plan to build variations of each of those and split test user interaction to keep improving their completion and conversion rates.

“I'm going to be a retained ConvertCalculator client because it provides active solutions for me with my ongoing changes as a business. It does more than you probably would even imagine. It’s really powerful stuff.”

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