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August 29, 2023
Updated: September 04, 2023

Paperform Vs. ConvertCalculator: Which is right for your business? [2023]

Looking for online form and calculator software? Check out this comparison between Paperform & ConvertCalculator… and decide which is right for you.

With Convertcalculator and Paperform listed as 'Emerging Favorites 2023' on Capterra and priced to compete, which online form and calculator software will get your business where it needs to go?

Paperform is great for creating visually appealing forms with ease, while ConvertCalculator is better suited for complex calculations, working with large external datasets, and has excellent customization options.

  • If you have more than one user right off the bat, then ConvertCalculator is hands down the best value.

  • ConvertCalculator offers loads more power and flexibility over what is possible thanks to their proprietary no-code Formulascript. (don't worry, you don't need to know how to code)

  • If you are looking for great aesthetics in the user interface and tonnes of templates, then Paperform outperforms in this regard.

  • With Paperform, you can be up and running more quickly but won't have the versatility you get with ConvertCalculator.

  • ConvertCalculator has a paid concierge service if you would like someone to build and set up your calculators and forms.

Read on to dive deeper into the specifics and discover which solution will work best for you.

All pricing information is based on the annual payment plans.

Feature Comparison Table

Are you unsure about the extent to which you want to automate your business processes but interested in getting started? If so, ConvertCalculator is your best option. The calculation power offered means you can keep expanding as your business grows without being limited by software capabilities further down the line.

Paperform offers a beautiful user experience with lots of templates and documentation to set up your workflows. They offer themes as part of the subscription price, making it easy to stay on brand. They also have built-in help features and supportive features that are very useful if you need them. They are a great choice if you know you don't need more functionality now or further down the track.

This table lays out the pros and cons of both software options.

Paperform and ConvertCalculator - an overview


Paperform is an online form builder that allows users to create beautiful, functional forms easily. It offers a wide range of features, including payment integration, logic-based forms, and customizable design options. Paperform is good for small to medium businesses looking to create surveys, registration forms, order forms, and more.

Paperform offers a user-friendly interface for creating forms, with over 500 templates to choose from. Users can customize forms to suit their needs and add various question types, such as multiple-choice, dropdown, and text input. Additionally, Paperform supports conditional logic, allowing users to create intelligent forms that adapt based on user inputs.


ConvertCalculator is an automation software designed to help businesses create marketing and sales tools that automate their processes and increase conversions. It features a no-code builder for interactive content with use cases ranging from sales funnel building, lead generation, and price quote calculators to visual product configurators and order forms. ConvertCalculator is suitable for small to medium businesses looking to increase online conversions and sales.

ConvertCalculator provides a drag-and-drop calculator form builder, which includes a formula builder, element types, online payments and intelligent forms using conditional logic. Users can create everything they need to fulfill their business functions, from simple things like price quote calculators and savings and ROI calculators to complex business solutions. No coding experience is required, and there are several templates available to get started quickly.


ConvertCalculator is cheaper, but Paperform has more visits included.

Starting out:

ConvertCalculator has a free forever option provided you stay under 100 visitors per month, while Paperform gives you a two-week free trial. Two weeks work well if you already have a good idea of what you want and are ready to get it all up and running within the timeframe.

The ConvertCalculator free forever plan means you have time to discover the product and get your processes working before committing to a payment plan. This means that if you are a small business with little website traction, you can use the product for free until you reach a size that supports a paid subscription.

ConvertCalculator pricing plans

For smaller enterprises:

ConvertCalculator has two cheaper entry points at $15 and $35 per month compared to Paperforms at $20 and $40 per month. Both options have unlimited forms. However, Paperform's cheaper entry points come with more form views, and submissions included, meaning you will be able to stay at this price point for longer.

If you want to do more with your calculations:

At the higher end, ConvertCalculators $100pm versus Paperforms $135pm is a clear winner. If you think you may grow (and you should be thinking this way - especially once you start using forms to grow your business), then starting out with ConvertCalculator will ensure you will be getting greater bang for your buck into the future and not end up being stuck with a larger monthly fee than necessary.

Paperform pricing plans

User Experience

The Paperform user interface is beautiful and intuitive, with hundreds of templates.

The user interface of Paperform is lovely. Visually appealing, easy to navigate, and intuitive. They have a huge selection of templates that can be customized to many use-case scenarios and a lot of hints, and help features that make using it feel very supportive.

The ConvertCalculator interface is sleek and simple, and there are fewer templates available. While you can do everything (and more) that Paperform has to offer, you will be working with a no-nonsense drag-and-drop interface that allows you to get the job done with minimal overhead.

Styling and Graphics

As for your on-page visuals - only the $135pm 'Agency' version of Paperform offers CSS, (which allows your forms to adapt to your website's styling), while all versions of ConvertCalculator offer it. CSS is a big plus for branding and congruency across media forms for your business.

Furthermore, CC has many styling options available in the builder's style panels, and via a unique styling method called "quick styles."

Paperform user interface

ConvertCalculator user interface


Paperform has good power and functionality but ConvertCalculator smashes it out of the park.

Hands down ConvertCalculator is the most powerful of the two products. The ConvertCalculator motto is “Simple things are easy, hard things are possible,” and they mean it. The possibilities with ConvertCalculator are mind-blowing. Powerful conditional logic combined with FormulaScript makes manipulating large amounts of data and variables across multiple forms and platforms possible. This allows for a degree of functionality not available anywhere else.

The best part? No coding knowledge is required. You can create interactive content with familiar Excel-like formulas. There is a learning curve to set up more complex calculations and processes in ConvertCalculator. However, once you are familiar with how things work, which doesn’t take long, you will be able to build what you need very quickly. You won’t need to spend thousands on programmers and have to outsource updates and changes - saving a huge amount of money and time.

Paperform is still one of the more powerful tools on the market and has some good built-in workflows with excellent documentation that, combined with their beautiful user interface, makes them a solid contender. But you won’t be able to achieve what you can in ConvertCalculator.

If you want to utilize calculation software to integrate your business logic, create powerful funnels, or offer your clients instant information such as instant automatic quotes, product configuration, pricing and usage calculations going with ConvertCalculator will ensure you never hit a wall with what you need to get done.


ConvertCalculator offers unlimited users while Paperform provides permission levels

Team access has become more important than ever with business automation going online. You may have a team member (or members), partner, or virtual assistant who works with you to create your forms, make updates or carry out reporting. The ability to add users must be able to grow with your business so you can delegate when needed and not cause a jam in your workflow.

Paperform offers one user for its free and lower-priced tiers and 5 for its highest (Agency - $135pm). With the 'Agency' package, 5 users are included, and every user after that is $5 per month extra.

ConvertCalculator has 'workspaces' with unlimited users being allowed per workspace in every payment tier, even the free version. This makes for significant savings even if you have just two team members.

For example, with ConvertCalculator, you could outsource reporting, which would cost you nothing for the extra user - whereas, with Paperform, you would need to upgrade to the highest level just to add the one extra user.

ConvertCalculator does not have any options to configure role management or permission levels, whereas, with Paperform, you can specify 'Admin/Owner,' 'User,' and 'Viewer' to assign levels of access depending on what each user's role is within the creation process. This can be handy to ensure the integrity and security of existing work and processes.


Paperform and ConvertCalculator offer excellent integration features.

Both products offer first-rate integration capabilities. This is necessary if you need to set up payment procedures, connect to your CRM, connect to your email automation software or connect to any existing processes you want to integrate into your new automated workflow.


Paperform integrates with many popular platforms, including Google Sheets, Mailchimp, and Trello. Users can also connect their forms to ConvertCalculator (to take advantage of the superior calculation power) using Zapier, a third-party integration tool that connects multiple apps and automates workflows.


ConvertCalculator seamlessly integrates with popular sites like Hubspot and website builders such as WordPress, Squarespace, Webflow, and Wix. It also supports over 1,000 apps via Zapier, including Slack and Stripe. Making it easy to connect ConvertCalculator forms to your existing workflows and tools.

Concierge service

ConvertCalculator has unique concierge and integration services

ConvertCalculator is one of the few form buildering platforms to offer a ‘done for you’ service, which is named their ‘Concierge Service.’ Starting from $250, you can have one of ConvertCalculator’s experts set up your forms and calculators for you and ensure they are running smoothly. From $1000, they also offer a service for integrations.

Paperform does not offer this service. However, they do offer live chat and excellent documentation, so you are fully supported whilst setting up your forms.

What customers are saying


Customers appreciate Paperform's ease of use, beautiful templates, and customization options.


Users of ConvertCalculator praise its easy to use drag-and-drop form builder, powerful calculation engine, and seamless integration capabilities.


Paperform vs ConvertCalculator: Which is Best for Your Business in 2023?

Both Paperform and ConvertCalculator offer strong solutions for creating online forms and calculators. Both offer the ability to create beautiful forms customized to your brand and business. The choice ultimately depends on your specific business needs and goals.

If you need a straightforward, easy-to-use form builder with a variety of templates and customization options, Paperform may be a good choice.

However, if your primary focus is on creating interactive calculators, creating powerful funnels and automating sales processes, ConvertCalculator's robust calculation and logic engine and seamless integration capabilities will ensure you never hit a wall with what you need to get done. You can start off small and have unlimited growth possibilities.

Choose ConvertCalculator if:

  • You want time to set up and see results before paying

  • You have more than one user

  • You need complex calculations using logic and datasets, now or in the future

  • You want someone to build it for you as an extra service

Choose Paperform if:

  • You love a beautiful interface

  • You want lots of templates and workflows to choose from

  • You want extra support in the form of live widgets and on page documentation

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