Who we are:

We want to create a world where the average person can code and build software. That is why, right now, we help people, mostly entrepreneurs, to build complex apps, without code, that are used in production, mostly in pretty critical parts of their businesses. We do this via our product called Convert_.

Our tool:

Convert_ helps small and medium-sized businesses run their business more smoothly. Our tool allows entrepreneurs and business leaders to create software and automation without code.

They use Convert_ to create powerful website calculators, forms, websites, and apps. The predominant use cases are price quote calculation, product configuration, and lead generation. We currently have +/- 1.000 paying customers and 3.000.000 monthly end-users.

About the Position:

We are rebuilding our product Convert_ from the ground up to get closer to our vision of creating a world where the average person can code and build software, and we are looking for a devloper to help us do that.

The stack for the new product is Rust on the backend. On the frontend we use either React (for our editor environment) or vanilla JS with web components and server rendered HTML (html over the wire).

There is a lot of technical complexity in the frontend. Not only in terms of features (such as components that can be added to an app), but also concepts like styling, responsiveness, logic, interactivity, and application state management).

We need a developer to help us to speed up development of the new product.

You will work closely with our founders and seasoned developers; you're in for a rich learning experience.

What we are looking for:

  • Frontend or full-stack developer: Extensive JavaScript, HTML, and CSS knowledge is a must. TypeScript, React, Rust and Tailwind knowledge preferred but not required. The frontend either uses React or vanilla JS with web components and server rendered HTML (html over the wire).

  • Write and express yourself clearly: You should be comfortable expressing yourself in clear and long-form writing since most of our communication is written and asynchronous. If things need to be hashed out or discussed in closer collaboration, we also use video meetings to do quick one-on-ones.

  • You are pragmatic and self-driven: You should be practical and self-driven in finding the simplest solution. You can make swift decisions and take calculated shortcuts. You should feel comfortable proposing solutions and being proactive in your work.

  • You are an avid learner: You should be an avid learner and have an innate desire to improve your craftmanship as a web developer. Moreover, you should be independent in your learning process.

What we can offer:

  • Flexible working commitment: Choose anything between 24 - 40 working hours commitment.

  • Get 5 weeks of PTO per year: Well, that explains itself.

  • Remote culture: We have an office in Rotterdam that you can use if located in the Netherlands, but we work from wherever we want. We have people in the Netherlands, France, Australia and Argentina.

  • Mentorship: Get an optional mentorship from one of our founders.

  • Autonomy: You get tremendous autonomy in your work.

  • Flexibility: Take time for activities you adore, like surfing, hiking, tennis, golf, biking, or whatever else you like outside of coding.

Help shape no-code software

Help us build a world where the average person can code and build software to make their business run smoother.

Work how it suits you best

We're distributed across Latin America, Europe and Australia. Work wherever and at what time you want to.

Use the best tools

We code in Rust, React and vanilla JS, design with Figma and Framer, and run communications on Slack and Front.

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