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March 07, 2023
Updated: September 04, 2023

Elevate Your Content Marketing & Triple your ROAS

Stop throwing your marketing budget out of the window. Learn how you can triple your ROAS and funnel conversions with interactive content that you can create yourself, without code.

Take Thomas as an example. For his marketing company, he looks after the entire funnel of his clients. And with the rising costs for ads, he believes most gains can be made with conversion rate optimization, or CRO in short.

Conversion rates are driven by content marketing, which traditionally relies on passive content to generate leads. Think of white papers, e-books, slide decks, or infographics. But the problem with passive content is that nobody has time to read anymore. So Thomas quickly learned that his current toolset, will not help him with his CRO.

Okay, but now what? In his quest to seek out alternatives, Thomas discovered interactive content, like calculators, quizzes, lead pages, configurators, and quote forms. Interesting!

With interactive content, your audience exchanges information for value. It brings visitors instant entertainment, gratification, and transparency, and it, therefore, has a direct impact on your conversion rate. And you make sure your audience enters your marketing funnel.

I hear you thinking. I’m just a marketeer. How am I going to create this interactive content myself? That's a fair question.

If you want the answer then stick around. And learn how Thomas is able to

  • create interactive content himself
  • launch multiple A/B tests a week
  • update experiments in minutes
  • boost his conversion rate in the top, middle, and bottom of his marketing funnel,
  • thereby generating more leads for his customers and multiplying their Return on Ad Spend
  • without knowing how to code, or being dependent on expensive developers.

How we learned to simplify the lead, product education and quoting process

First, some background into how we started our journey 4 years ago. Before 2018 we used to help small and medium-and-sized businesses with custom software. While working with these companies, a clear pattern surfaced. Almost all were looking for a way to simplify and help explain their business to their audience. So we often ended up building website calculators like pricing calculators, quote forms, or product configurators.

With their interactive calculator, our customer’s audience no longer had to wrestle through handwritten calculations, long consultations, or excel tables. The calculators made complex pricing, savings, or loan conditions easy to digest and understand. And the individual configurations meant that each prospect is provided with a service adapted to their needs. This a win-win scenario for the client and the business.

Seeing the success our customers had with interactive content, we decided to stop building custom software and create a Do-It-Yourself software builder instead.

Since our launch in 2018, thousands of marketers just like you have created conversion-optimizing content that generated almost half a million leads.

Opportunities ready for you to grab

If we look at the default options for content marketing, we can see a lot of opportunities.

  • Your audience is looking for instant gratification. They lack the patience to sift through the precious content that you’ve put a lot of effort into creating.
  • Purchase decisions are driven by emotion and rationalized with details. And whoever creates the best experience is going to win the deal.
  • Today, the new buyer behavior is completely self-service. Marketing is about education, not interruption. So the marketeer who creates the most remarkable experience grabs the attention of the prospect.

Interactive content is the way forward. But developing interactive content from scratch is expensive, time-consuming, and inflexible. And most no-code tools are rigid or limited in their possibilities or you almost need to be a developer to use them properly.

There are no alternatives as powerful and easy to use as ConvertCalculator. A drag, drop, point, click web application that enables you to create and launch interactive content within a day.

How businesses have used calculators and reaped the rewards

So if you, too, are a marketer who is looking to increase your conversion rates and return on ad spend, then stay tuned.

You can join hundreds of marketers who are already reaping the benefits of interactive content that helps them in every step of the marketing funnel.

Take these examples:

  • Bonnet, an EV charging service, offers instant pricing transparency with an on-brand pricing calculator. This calculator gives their audience a custom price while generating valuable data insights for Bonnet.
  • Louve uses calculators on their blogs but also their main pages to explain the benefits of their service.
  • And an example for the bottom of the marketing funnel, we see that Ellio uses a configurator to generate leads and drive sales for their electric bike.

What happens when you use interactive content for your marketing

  • you will be able to run 10x the experiments that generate 10x the results of your current marketing tools
  • having interactive content on your website and your marketing toolkit can double your Conversion Rates and 4x your return on ad spend
  • Interactive content helps automate work, gives your brand differentiation in a crowded market, it boosts brand trust, and it optimizes your workflow.
  • Your audience will save time, get instant results, and they will be supported in making informed decisions.

So overall, you will become a better and more effective marketeer.

How to create interactive content

At this point, you probably have a good idea of how interactive content can help your business. But how do you actually create such content? Here is where ConvertCalculator comes in.

We offer a versatile, powerful, and flexible no-code software builder. With our app creating interactive content is as easy as dragging and dropping elements on your screen. Besides more than 30 input elements, we offer superior calculation & logic capabilities via Excel-like formulas.

What this means for you is that you don’t have to make any compromises. We offer:

  • basic & advanced inputs to build what you need;
  • simple & complex calculations and logic to bring your creation to life;
  • straightforward OR conditional flows to keep your content to the point and relevant.

You don’t have to start from scratch. We offer dozens of relevant and high-quality templates to kickstart your journey into interactive content.

Since you will be creating the interactive content yourself, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on developers. Our paid plans range from $20/m to $120/m based on your needs. And you can try and explore the app without risk for FREE.

Free trial

So sign up for our one-month free trial, with no strings attached. Your free trial will automatically graduate into a FREE account. Only when your interactive content starts getting serious traction - which is over 100 visits per month - you will be required to subscribe to one of our paid plans.

Interactive content will become the new standard in content marketing. The timing is now to lead the charge.

So what are you waiting for? Start your no-risk free trial today!

Let me summarise our offer. With interactive content, you can:

  • double your conversion rates
  • multiply your ROAS
  • and run more successful experiments

Start your free trial today!

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