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February 09, 2023
Updated: September 04, 2023

Easy 9-Step Online Marketing Plan for Cleaning Businesses

Starting a new business or trying to find leads for your cleaning business? You've come to the right place. This article will help you set up a marketing plan for your cleaning business.

Marketing a business online is a complex maze with no beginning or end. You'll never find one sure-shot solution to your problems. Thus, marketing cleaning businesses online can be demanding. So, what you need is to start somewhere. Of course, with a plan.

An online marketing plan will illuminate the path to reaching your first online clients. As you get experience, it becomes easy for you to test new ways

So, here's a doable, easy marketing plan to begin with. This 9-step marketing plan is a primer for promoting your business and finding clients online.

Once you read this through, you'll have a fair idea of how to market your cleaning business single-handedly. Do you want to?

Let's dive in

9 Steps to Marketing Cleaning Businesses Online

1. Build a landing page for client details

A landing page is the first necessity for online marketing. It's the door to your business online. Through your landing page, you can share information about your packages, schedule a call, or capture contact details. It's the starting point of a new business relationship.

The sole purpose of a landing page is conversion. When you share something on social media, you want your clients to visit it to know more. When you run paid ad campaigns, your landing page is where prospects find service details. You can build a simple landing page with tools like Carrd. If you wish to, you can even get a full-fledged business website along with a blog. Multiple website builders like WordPress and Wix are available.

2. Show price details with a custom quote

Many websites show their cleaning packages online. Others do it with a "Contact us for a quote" form. To stand apart, enable custom quotes on your landing page or website itself.

An instant customized quote, apart from bundled prices, will surely amaze and engage your prospects. A quote calculator allows them to understand your pricing well. They can add or remove services and play around to find the approximate cost of the services they need.

ConvertCalculator is an ideal tool for this purpose. You can create a price calculator for your clients to pick the services and get an instant quote. This means you have to spend less time on quoting with maximized results. Start from scratch or use this carpet cleaning template.

It is compatible with all website builders. So, you can place it on any platform or website with ease.

3. Claim your Google My Business profile

A Google My Business (GMB) profile is free to set up. And it's much needed for your online marketing efforts. GMB profiles get priority among other search results. Also, your business appears with the verified badge in Google search results and Maps. A verified profile creates an excellent first impression among your prospects.

You can even reply to reviews and answer queries. It makes you trustworthy to anyone looking at your cleaning service online.

A GMB profile can have all the essential information, like address, phone and business hours. It's a neat way to build trust with your clients.

5. Set up a friendly YouTube channel

Having a YouTube channel can be a cost-effective way to market your business and find more leads. YouTube videos allow people to discover your services. They also help you rank on Google video results.

You can create and share videos about cleaning tips or show your processes. You can also record and share video testimonials on your channel. By showing yourself in action, you can build trust in the households and generate leads.

Also, if your videos are entertaining and informative, viewers will share them with their friends and family. So, you'll be able to build visibility even on social media platforms.

6. Create your own Facebook group

The Facebook group of your business solidifies your social media presence. It enables you to form a community where everyone engages and helps each other.

You can use it to post updates about your business and share member-exclusive discounts. You can also run giveaways and contests for the group members. All these activities make your business seem exclusive and premium.

You'll also be able to invite members to local events and bond further. And, of course, you can share YouTube video links and other resources.

The growth of your group increases the popularity of your business.

7. Seek more reviews from clients

Another way to market and find leads online is to seek more customer reviews. They're like word-of-mouth marketing for your business. Reviews are testimonials to the claims you've made.

Your Google My Business profile is the best place to collect reviews. It is probably the most-visited place for anyone looking for a cleaning service nearby. But you can also ask happy clients to share their experiences on social media. They would love to.

You can show reviews on your website or share them in your Facebook group. They can be pretty beneficial in marketing; indirectly.

8. Guest post on different blogs

Guest posting on different sites helps you reach a broader target market. You can catch more leads and promote your business among them.

If your target clients are homeowners, you can guest post on sites like A Bowl Full of Lemons and Better HouseKeeper. And to reach business clients and entrepreneurs, try guest posting on, and others.

By posting regularly on different sites, you can build yourself as an authority. Your prospects will trust you and come to you for solutions.

Apart from guest posting, also look for opportunities to get featured on high-authority business websites. The more people read about you, the more familiar they'll be with your business.

9. Email to nurture relationships

Emails help you personalize your marketing message. Sending regular emails is an ideal way to maintain communication with leads. It helps you build credibility and grow your relationships with them.

Have a landing page that can capture all the necessary details of your leads, including their email address. Then, direct all your business marketing efforts to that landing page.

Through emails, you can make your leads aware of your services gradually. You can keep them updated with offers. Once they find you credible enough, they will ask you to take their money and provide your services right away.

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Wrapping It Up

Marketing your cleaning business online doesn't have to be challenging. You'll find your ideal clients on many platforms (some of which are mentioned above). And once you know where they are, be there and attract them to your business.

It all begins with a dedicated landing page. So, build one, create a lead capture form, and start nurturing your leads.

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